The new Ford Bronco


You've probably seen it on the news, haven't you? 

Did you know that Paul Wraith designed Bronco 2021? Indeed, he was strongly inspired by the first generation Bronco in the development of this new model, quite easy to notice! 

The idea wasn't to copy and paste, but rather to clearly identify the elements that make this vehicle legendary, even 24 years after its commercialization! 

So it's a vehicle with utilitarian functions before being a cosmetic accessory. In fact, the designer stresses that nothing in the vehicle's design was added for aesthetic purposes; it's all there for a reason. 

Interestingly, there are 11 colours and over 200 accessories available, Ford is emphasizing personalization with this model. There's even a sport model. So you can have a vehicle that suits your taste! 

What do you think of this vehicle?