Did the "check engine" light illuminate on your vehicle ?


Did you notice this small light in your vehicle? Don't panic!

First of all, it means that your vehicle is experiencing an anomaly in the management of the various parameters required for the proper functioning of the powertrain or its emission control system. We reassure you, this is not dangerous, you can still continue to drive your vehicle.

If the small light is flashing, it means it's a bigger problem and you absolutely must have your vehicle checked.

However, we suggest that you go to a garage to have your vehicle checked, for your safety, regardless of whether the light is flashing or not. Why should you do this? Because it can lead to bigger problems in the long run.

Here are the more common reasons why the light might come on:
  • -An improperly replaced gas cap,
  •  A catalytic system that is ineffective or in poor condition,
  •  A leak in the exhaust system,
  •  A part to be changed.

There may be several reasons, some less damaging than others. We invite you to visit us if you need help with this. We will gladly take care of you!