An electric truck will soon be added to the Ford family


Are you looking to buy a more ecological and economical product, but still want to take advantage of a powerful and efficient truck? Did you know that Ford will release an electric F-150 for 2022? 

In fact, it is at the Rouge Center plant in Dearborn that production of the Ford F-150 began very recently. The new generation will first include a version of this truck that will be a hybrid! Interestingly enough, the complex will benefit from investments of more than $700 million in order to create a modern company whose mission will be to create and produce a future Ford F-150 electric. You read that right! This electric beauty should be available on the market by mid-2022. 

We don't know many details about this new project since it was announced just recently, but we do know that the vehicle will be powered by a pair of electric motors. In addition, the fact that there is no engine at the front will provide additional storage space, which is useful, isn't it?

And what about power? Ford has estimated that this truck will be able to go from 0 km/h to 100 km/h faster than conventional gasoline-powered models while offering more power than current engines. In terms of numbers, it was mentioned that it would be over 450 horsepower, impressive, right? 

Why is it economical? The Ford F-150 electric will be more powerful than gasoline-powered models, according to company executives. This means that the model will offer you 40% and maybe even 50% savings when compared to the gas model. This one will require less maintenance than conventional trucks that use fuel. Not to mention the savings you'll make on gasoline. 

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So, do we say yes or no to the Ford F-150 electric version?